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  • Search and replace

    I'm looking at Setup Factory for the first time in 2 years, and I must say it looks better than ever......but.
    I have a specific requirement I need if I'm gonne start using this great tool again.
    I send out updates every month to 50 users with the same program. They all have the same AppDir for all the regular files, except one file.
    This file needs to be installed in C:\Program Files\Programname\Dbms\
    The only problem is that the directory "Programname" is not the exact same on all 50 machines. It varies between Programname, Programname 1.2, Programname 1.12, and so on....
    The subfolder "Dbms" does not have any variables like the parent folder.

    How do I update the single file when the directory doesn't have a "static" name?

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    Re: Search and replace

    I would recommend that you do one of two different things:
    1) Write out the installation path to the registry when you install. Then when your UPDATE begins, read the information in from the registry and store it in a variable.
    2) Create a FILE SEARCH VARIABLE that will search the users hard drive for the file that you are updating in the DBMS directory. Then simply store: Drive and Folder, in the variable.
    Now you will be able to use the variable (with the correct path retrieved using either method) as the destination path for your file.
    You might be interested in looking at Visual Patch, it is Indigo Rose’s newest product, which is specifically designed to create updates/patches. In fact it is what Indigo Rose uses to create their own patches, available at: For more information on Visual Patch please visit:

    MSI Factory The Next Generation Intelligent Setup Builder


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      Re: Search and replace

      Thanks Mark!
      Using the Search variable worked perfectly.
      I guess it's time to pull out the VISA again for IndigoRose :-)