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  • Abort Screen

    I have a setup with an abort screen at the beginning. This screen is only shown if a certain registry value is missing (I'm checking for the existance of another package). I've only shown the 'Cancel' button which I've changed to show 'Abort'. However, setup always asks the user 'Are you sure' when that button is clicked when what I want if for the setup to exit when the user clicks on the abort button. Anybody any ideas?

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    Re: Abort Screen

    What you could do is simply use a WELCOME SCREEN (in place of your ABORT SCREEN) that will display the standard abort text. Now only display the NEXT button and call it "abort". Then add an ABORT SCREEN after, which has the same Boolean condition that the WELCOME SCREEN does (i.e. the registry value is missing) then check the "Silent Abort" checkbox in the Abort Screen's properties.
    So the user will click the “abort” button on the WELCOME SCREEN and then the installation will silently abort, meaning that no “are you sure” dialogs will appear.

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