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Help distributing installable programs.

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  • Help distributing installable programs.

    Try this out in Setup Factory:

    1) Add your File to Setup Factory, set the Destination to something like: %TempDir%\Install", and make sure no Shortcuts are going to be created (FILE PROPERTIES -> SHORTCUT TAB)

    2) Add an execute command, to execute the second installation, it will look like:
    Command: Execute Program
    Target: %TempDir%\Install\Install.exe
    Wait For Program to End Before Continuing: Checked
    Advanced Tab - Set the Command to occur "After Installing"

    3) Create an Operation to delete the files in the directory:
    File Operation
    Operation: Delete
    Source: %TempDir%\Install\*.*

    4) Remove the directory:
    File Operation
    Operation: Remove Directory
    Source: %TempDir%\Install

    5) Go to: SETTINGS -> UNINSTALL and uncheck the “Include and Uninstall Program” because you do not want an uninstall.

    Try this out, it should work properly for you. If you have any problems feel free to contact me.

    MSI Factory The Next Generation Intelligent Setup Builder

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    Re: Help distributing installable programs.

    Thanks for your prompt response. Using the information you provided with minor changes it allowed me to jumpstart the process and get the working installer on our intranet.

    Excellent response time.


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      Help distributing installable programs.

      Need help creating a installer for employees to download. The software is already in an installable form but has to be expanded then whereever it is expanded it had to have a setup.exe ran. What I would like to do is have single download that when it is ran it will:
      1) create temp working directory
      2) expand the exe file in this directory
      3) execute the setup.exe that was expanded to install the other package
      4) after completing the install cleanup by removing the temp folder and files exploded.

      If someone has time to walk me through this it would be greatly appreciated. I am distributing our licensed virus protection software to our staff but some of the users have trouble creating a folder on the hard drive and anything that I can do that will eliminate steps will reduce problems with users exploding self extracting files in their root directories etc..

      I apologize for asking for a shortcut without thoroughly disecting the manuals but I really want to expedite getting the viurs protection out and when I have more time to study the docs I will. (not totally lazy just kinda busy)

      Thanks for any assistance.

      Gary Latta
      Person County