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Packages, conditions, uninstall

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  • Packages, conditions, uninstall

    I have some questions.

    1) If I don't use "Select Install Type" screen, before "Select Package" screen... package selection don't work ... it seem that ALL packages was always selected, so subsequent "package conditions" are ineffective. I tried with Check-boxes... works, but take long time.

    2) In case of update, I need conditional install (work only if I detect previous install). I know how detect previous install, but not how exit install. I can solve by search-var and general condition in every operation (file, screens, shell,ecc)... works, but take long time, also.

    3) I'm not able to display a screen only if user select package1 OR package3...

    4) If user install package1 (with pertinent uninstall) and, later, install package3... the new uninstall "overwrite" the previous or "combine with" ? (if overwrite... running uninstall program don't remove files and shortcut of package1)

    Have you any suggest ?


    ADG informatica srl
    Giorgio Arleri


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    Re: Packages, conditions, uninstall


    1) Yes, if you do not use the "Select Install Type" screen the "Select Packages" screen will not work. So far the only work around that I have found is to use Checkboxes. I know that it takes a long time to setup, but the actual process it is not very difficult.

    2) I believe that you found the answer to this. Note: you can also use an ABORT INSTALLATION screen.

    3) This is possible if you use Checkboxes for #1, but not really possible if you use the built-in packages.

    4) If you have the newest version of Setup Factory, v5.0.1.4 (patch available here: ) you simply have to use unique “Configuration File”, and unique "Unique Registry Keys", names on the: SETTINGS -> UNINSTALL -> SETTINGS tab.

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