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uninstalling multiple installs

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  • uninstalling multiple installs

    I have a install file called setup.exe which in turns calls another setupfile called setup1.exe. each should have it's own uninstall program in different folders. uninstalling setup1.exe is quite easy.But when I uninstall setup.exe only the files installed by setup.exe are removed .
    I want to know whether it is posibble to uninstall the files installed by setup.exe and setup1.exe by having only one uninstall script.( which should ideally be the one created by setup.exe)

    In other words is it posibble to add an ini file to the existing ini file(irunin.ini)

    this sounds confusing but I need to resolve this ASAP . pl help!!:-)

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    Re: uninstalling multiple installs

    It is not possible to have one large un-installation but what you could do is launch second un-installation from within the first.
    Are both installations created by Setup Factory? If so what you could do is manually launch the un-installation of SETUP1.EXE using an UNINSTALL EXECUTE COMMAND. Basically what you will have to do is launch “iun506.exe” and pass it SETUP1.EXE's irunin.ini (or whatever you choose to call it) file as a command line argument.
    Basically the action will look like this:

    Command: Execute Program
    Target: %WinDir%\iun506.exe (the name of this file depends on what version of Setup Factory you have, iun506.exe is the newest)
    Command Line Arguments: %AppDir%\irunin.ini (assuming that you installed to the same directory, otherwise it will be that path to SETUP1.EXE's irunin.ini file)
    Working Directory: %AppDir%

    And that's it.


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      Re: uninstalling multiple installs

      Hi! Mark!
      Thanx for the reply. It was helpful to me.But the problem is the user will get two uninstall screens , it would be really great if you can provide a solution of combining two ini files for the uninstall in your later version. Thanx again anyway.