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Screensaver install problem

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  • Screensaver install problem

    I am using the latest version of Setup Factory and following the instructions as shown in the FAQ and the supplement post for installing and making a scr file the default saver on a Windows desktop, I have this question.

    It appears that Setup Factory writes to the registry, it writes to the System.ini, I have it create a log, so I can verify the actions and yet when I go to the desktop and click properties (after a reboot) and see the "Display" settings, click the Screensaver Tab, it shows none as selected.
    If I scroll down the available screensavers, the screensaver is indeed there it just isn't at the top of the list as it should be, therefore, it doesn't play.

    This is on Windows 98 (although the thought is for all current Windows OS to be available).

    The bottom line, Setup Factory seems to do what it should do, per the FAQ on this subject, but do I have to do something else to make it appear on the Tab listing?

    Thoughts please...

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    Re: Screensaver install problem

    Your screensaver probably has a long filename. When writing to the system.ini you must use the short MSDOS name. The filename of my current screensaver for example is: 3D Desktop Destroyer.scr, but in system.ini it is called: 3DDESK~1.SCR


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      Re: Screensaver install problem

      No.... That's not it. The saver is called

      As I said, the "setup" goes throught all the
      right motions, and the screensaver is "loaded" and appears (functionally) as the new default screensaver.

      THE PROBLEM IS: The display panel with the
      screensaver TAB viewable, shows that the current screensaver is "NONE" even after a
      reboot, although that isn't the case. IN FACT For test purposes I even loaded a screen saver manager and it confirms that the new screen saver is the one just installed. But "NONE" continues to show...

      The system is W98 and it has been tried on at least 5 machines with the same result.

      I'm stumped -

      I can use other install packages and the saver does show its name in the pull down
      menu as it should.

      ANY Other thoughts?



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        Re: Screensaver install problem

        Have you followed the advice in this forum post: ?
        I tested this on a WIN98 machine, first following only the advice in the FAQ (which will be updated shortly) and I got the same results that you did. I.E. it always said that the default Screen Saver was (None).
        Then I followed the advice given in the above forum post and everything worked properly.
        If you have already tried that, or try it and it does not seem to work, please e-mail me your Setup Factory Project file so that I can look at it.
        You can e-mail me at: [email protected]

        MSI Factory The Next Generation Intelligent Setup Builder


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          Re: Screensaver install problem

          Thanks for the reply - I did try based on
          both the FAQ and the other suggestion regarding the screensaveractive being set to "1".

          It could always be a case of operator error, and I will try again. If the result is the same I will email the work file to you within the next day or so.

          Thanks again.