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Win 2000 Privileges! Need help asap!!

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  • Win 2000 Privileges! Need help asap!!

    I created an install for windows 2000. It works perfectly when logged in as an administrator. The client has there cpu's set to elevate privileges for power users. The file has to be a windows installer file (.msi) file for this to work. What I did was use InstallShield for Windows installer to simply execute my already made Setup Factory exe.
    The .msi file elevates the privileges but when it runs the external exe it doesn't seem to keep the permissions, is there any way execute the Setup Factory exe with the privileges still elevated? Can I pass a value to the Setup Factory exe that keeps the permissions?
    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Re: Win 2000 Privileges! Need help asap!!

    Sorry but currently there is no method available in Setup Factory that will allow you to increase, or keep increased, user permissions.
    Does the MSI installer elevate the user privileges for the entire time that the MSI installation process is running? If this is the case, perhaps what you could do is use the MSI installer to launch your Setup Factory installation, and then keep the MSI installer running until your Setup Factory installation finishes.

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