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Is this possible?

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  • Is this possible?

    I want to be able to have the ability, that after my setup program has been executed, all the files copied etc.... that it presents the user with some sort of Registration form which once they complete, can either fax or email back to us.

    This will be useful to determine who has the program installed in case of any updates etc. required.
    Anyone any ideas on how I should go about this?

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    Re: Is this possible?

    The only way that you could do something like this would be to use USER INFORMATION Screens, and store their answers in different variables. Then write the variables to a TEXT file that you install to their hard drive, using a TEXT FILE Command, or an INI FILE Command.
    You could then use a PRINT DOCUMENT action to print out the text file, although I would not recommend this. In my opinion it would be best to simply tell the user where the file is and that they can fax or e-mail it to you.

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      Re: Is this possible?

      Actually, you can just have a file called
      reg.html. The html file is a form. For each form entry you want to have the user send you
      have a text string in the html something like
      . Using system editor/text files tab choose "Insert after search line", look for and append . Do this for each item you want emailed to you. At the end of the install use Shell commands, "Open Url". Point to c:\reg.html. If they want to send it via email they hit the submit button. If they want to fax it they print the form.
      We use this on our beta version installs. We never actually have Set Factory start up the browser (we use it for bug reports and fire up the browser via our program) but I think this will work.


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        Re: Is this possible?

        ARG! Screw this up. The actual add/append line should read:

        The "" was what was outputed to tne html file.