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NT4.0 Installation

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  • NT4.0 Installation

    Was wondering if anyone has come across this. We have a runtime installation and a program installation done with setupFactory 5.0 On a couple of NT boxes the Runtime was ran, went thru fine, then did Mdac that went thru fine. Then on the reeboot when we click on the programs installation.. setupPRg.exe the first screen flashes up and then goes away and the installation does not run.... ??? I am somewhat Puzzled ...

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    Re: NT4.0 Installation

    BTW to add to the original post, The system is a NT4.0 box with the latest service pack running on it. The installation was built using setup factory 5.0 with the latest update applied to it.


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      Re: NT4.0 Installation

      Are you installing RICHED32.DLL? This definitely sounds like a RICHED32.DLL problem. Try opening WordPad on this system, chances are that your will receive an error that refers to RICHED32.DLL.
      Please see this Microsoft Knowledge Base article for more information on this problem:
      You might also want to visit: for information on distributing RICHED32.DLL.
      If necessary I can send you a copy of the DLL mentioned in the second knowledge base article, you will simply have to copy it into over (after making a backup) the incorrect RICHED32.DLL. So if you would like that DLL contact me and I will send it to you.

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        Re: NT4.0 Installation

        Sure enough I checked my Runtime file list and there is included in it the Riched32.dll. Would you please send me via the following email address the correct one that can be distributed..
        [email protected]

        Thanks really saved my arse