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Is all that work lost? HELP!

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  • Is all that work lost? HELP!

    I downloaded the setup factory demo a couple days ago and created my CD project on it. I liked it a lot and then bought the software. I installed the licensed software. When I tried to open the *.sp5 file, it said "This is not a valid Setup factory 5.0 project file. Use the project coverter to update your project. The converter did not open it either. How do I open my work? I have a presentation coming up soon!

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    Re: Is all that work lost? HELP!

    Try opening you Setup Factory project file in the evaluation version again and then resave the project. Now open it in the commercial version, does it work now?
    There should be no problems using a project file, that was created was the evaluation version, in the commercial version. In fact this was tested on our side today just to make sure.
    It sounds like your project file became corrupted somehow. Check its FILE PROPERTIES are all the dates associated with it correct?

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