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File Search with Conditional Program Installation

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  • File Search with Conditional Program Installation

    Hello Mark,
    I have a two-part question. I know how to search for a variable for a previously loaded program but what I would like to do is once the file is located have setup factory prompt me with a message that the program already exists. This would allow the user to decide whether or not he or she has to load the program. I would then have the user choose a typical or custom installation. I have been able to flag the file in irunin.ini and launch notepad.exe during the installation but this doesn’t have a very professorial appearance. I also wanted to know is there is anyway to have a file search prompt the user with a program name, version number and date?
    Thanks for all you help Mark.
    Have a great day.

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    Re: File Search with Conditional Program Installation

    What you should do, instead of loading Notepad to display your information, is simply display a special screen.
    Lets say your file search variable is %SearchVar% and you set the Default to FALSE. Then you would have a screen that would tell the user that the program already exists. You would give that screen the Boolean condition that: "%SearchVar% <> (Not Equal) FALSE"
    What you should do, if you want to be able to tell the use what version of the software they have installed, is store the "Drive and Folder" in your first variable. Then in order to get the version of the software, create a second FILE SEARCH VARIABLE that stores the “Product Version String”, and use your first variable as your Priority Search Path. Give this FILE SEARCH VARIABLE the Boolean condition that: "%SearchVar% <> FALSE".
    The really is no way to get the Name of the Product, unless you store it in the registry, in which case you could simply read it into a variable. The only other option would be to simply hard code this information into the installation.
    As far as the date goes, it depends do you mean the date that the previous program was installed on the users computer or the current date? The current date is stored in this built in variable: %Date%.
    Then in order to get this information on to your screen, simply use the variables in the TEXT area.

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