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My software version visible with right-click?

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  • My software version visible with right-click?

    I am using Setup Factory 5.0.14 and am creating a single compressed self-extracting installation file. I would like my users to be able to find out what version of "my" software is hidden in a particular setup package without them having to run the setup program itself. How can I make the version of "my" software appear with a passive "right-click/properties/version" inspection of the setup.exe program? There are lots of IndigoRose fields visible when doing such a "right-click/properties/version" on an install package created by Setup Factory (some fields even containing only a $ or a vertical bar) but none that I seem to be able to use to give information about the software INSIDE the setup package. How can this be done? You see, my customers may downloaded several versions of my product. They need to identify "my" program version, not your installer version, so it would be nice if the version of my product was also made visible in a field with a "right-click/properties/version" inspection of the setup.exe file produced by Setup Factory. Thank you for any suggestion you may have.


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    Re: My software version visible with right-click?

    It is not possible to change the file version information in the setup.exe file. Since Indigo Rose owns the rights to the setup.exe file according to the license agreement, we leave our version information in there. You are licensing the file but we still own it.

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      Re: My software version visible with right-click?

      OK, I do agree that you want to have your signature in the version resources of Setup. But there are so many entries in the version fields, wouldn't it be possible to have one of them saying something like "This will install program Toto, ver. xx.yy" ???? And still have all other entries filled with your stuff?


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        Re: My software version visible with right-click?

        "You are licensing the file but we still own it."

        Thank you for the company party-line. As you might imagine, I was actually looking for a thought-out answer to my question. Your wonderful Setup Factory is a good wrapping around my product. I was wondering whether you would make it possible to add some of my product's information to the version info of the setup.exe file so that my customers could know which version of my product is inside. There is plenty of room to do that AND leave your copyright information there too. Can you really not make a few fields available so that we could add some information about the product inside the install package?

        This is somewhat similar to a pharmaceutical company who sells prescription medicine in plastic containers designed by an external supplier. The plastic container designer's information is in tiny characters at the bottom of the plastic container. The medication's name, manufacturer and production date are visible, prominent and in large characters on the main label.

        The current situation with Setup Factory is the opposite: the medication's name, manufacturer and production date are nowhere to be found (and cannot be added) but the container designer's information is all over the bottle. Is it that difficult to leave a little blank space on the main label for us to use?

        Please take ample time to think about it. Thank you.


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          Re: My software version visible with right-click?

          Why don't you guys/gals (whatever be the case) Just have the User Dbl Click on your setup program and have the Title say it all? Or better yet have the EXE file say it for you...



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            Re: My software version visible with right-click?

            Ok, now I'm interested, First I just read the entire license again, Nowhere in there does it say that you can't modify the "genorated disk sets."

            Also in the license Indigo is kind of forcing the licensee to break the license in the "Proprietary Rights" by saying that "Licensee shall not use Licensor's name, trademarks, or any Licensor designation in association with Licensee's application software."

            If you build a project and output to a filename meaningful to your software the above would breach the license.

            just some thoughts not a big concern in my environment.