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  • Missing dependencies

    When I use the Runtime Support Wizard and add a Visual Basic 6 project, it doesn't install all the dependencies. These dependencies are mentioned in the .DEP file of that project, but SF does not import them. Why is this and how can it be solved? I've read the .PDF file about "Creating installs for Visual Basic 5 and 6", but the suggestions at the end are not helping me.

    In my project, it's the dll "sx32w.dll".

    So why isn't the .DEP file being scanned and why is SF not using this .DLL in its Runtime Support?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Missing dependencies

    This is usually caused by third-party controls not being in the Windows\System directory. It can also be caused by third-party controls not having proper .DEP information files with them. The Runtime Support Wizard should, however, pick up all standard VB files.
    I believe that you can create a list of dependencies using Visual Basic. So what I would do is compare that list with the files that Setup Factory adds to your project, and if any are missing simply add them manually.

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