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memory requirement not correctly shown

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  • memory requirement not correctly shown

    Hi! Mark!
    I have a problem regarding the memory requirement shown to the user for my product. I'm actually calling a setup within a setup.that is setup.exe is calling setup1.exe. setup.exe will create a directory structure called DIR and setup1.exe will create a directory called DIR1. setup1.exe is in the directory DIR. The memory required for installing setup.exe is shown as 110 MB which I think setup factory is calculating only for the directory DIR. Is there anyway to calculate the memory required to install setup.exe and setup1.exe at the start. Basically I want to display it while the user installs setup.exe .This feature is necessary for my installation , otherwise I won't be able to display the correct memory requirement.

    I want to ask onemore thing . the memory reuired is correctly shown if the partition is NTFS. But if it is FAT the memory required shown is totally incorrect , there is a huge difference. Any fix for this??

    PL help me out

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    Re: memory requirement not correctly shown

    Setup Factory calculates the space required on the drive by looking at the size of all the files added to your project.
    So if you add a file of 1K, Setup Factory will say that 1K of space is required. That is probably the reason that Setup Factory is saying that the space required is 110 MB, because it has 110 MB of files in the installation. Sorry but there is no way to manually change, or edit, this.
    I have not looked into the discrepancies regarding file size and FAT/NTFS but I will look into this in the upcoming days.

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