I have a Setup Factory created Setup.exe file within a Winzip Self-Extracting file. The Winzip SFX file is set to auto launch the Setup.exe file on completion of extraction. It all works flawlessly.

The Winzip SFX routine extracts the two files: Setup.exe and Mdac_typ.exe to the TEMP drawer, launches Setup.exe, and then waits for Setup.exe to finish. Once it gets the signal that it is finished it removes the TEMP drawer. The problem is before Setup.exe even gets a chance to fully run the Winzip SFX routine gets that signal to kill the TEMP drawer, so Setup.exe is complely useless -- i can't run it becuase it is being removed.

I read that this is because Setup.exe passed of loading to another file (IRSetup.exe or Setup32.exe) and it quit. Because Setup.exe quit the Winzip SFX routine gets the signal to remove TEMP. Ok no problem but then how do I then tell Winzip SFX to wait? It does have a "Wait For" area but when I say wait for "irsetup" or "setup32" the same problem continues to occur.

What do I do to get my Setup.exe + MDac_typ.exe into a single SFX file and that file can autoload the Setup.exe successfully?