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Whistler BETA 2 Problem

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  • Whistler BETA 2 Problem

    I'm trying to run my installer (based on SetupFactory 5.0.1) on a Whistler BETA 2 system. I get the opening screen flashing by and then nothing....

    Any ideas what's wrong here?

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    Re: Whistler BETA 2 Problem

    I've never used Whistler, so I cannot say for sure what the problem here might be. But I know that problems like this have occurred in the past because of a corrupt, or bad version, of RICHED32.DLL being installed on the users system.
    Try opening WordPad on the Whistler system and see if this works. Do you get an error? If so what does the error say?

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      Re: Whistler BETA 2 Problem

      I can run WordPad without problem. It says it's version 5.1 Build 2462.

      I check the information on RICHEDIT and it says V5.1.2462.0.

      I tried running the installer using Win2000 compatibility mode and this didn't help.


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        Re: Whistler BETA 2 Problem

        I can confirm this probelm, Im running a beta 2 version of whistler, and installation of two programs ( a driver for a digital camara from, and the windows 2000 version of a distributed computing project from both flash onscreen then dissapear, whitout installing anything.

        Is there anyway of extracting contained files whithout running this package as an executable?

        Feel free to mail me if you want any more info.