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Install Type and Package Conditional

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  • Install Type and Package Conditional

    Setup Factory: v5.0.1.4
    I am installing three packages: A, B, C

    I want to remove the option to install the C package if certain files are already on the customer's computer.

    I also want to offer a different Install Type and packages based on a LIST screen that indicates Servertype: Server, Client, Shortcut Only.

    On a Server I want to install A B C
    On a Client I only want to install A
    On a Shortcut Only I only want install a shortcut to the software. This should not install any packages.

    Is this possible?

    I have added three install type screens and made them each condtional on the %servertype%. I can only set the default choice, however. Can I assign the package selection based on this selection and skip the package selection screen entirely?

    I know I am rambling. I am new to this software and have made great progress to this point.