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ActiveX Self-registration for OCXs

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  • ActiveX Self-registration for OCXs

    My application uses an important OCX file for displaying geographic data.

    When I add the OCX file to my file list and check its properties, the DLLRegisterServer box is checked. Then I verify this by clicking on the magnifying glass button and I get a message that states that the OCX does support DLL registration. However, when I save and close my SF2 file and then reopen it and click on the magnifying glass again on the advanced page I get a message stating that the OCX "does not" support DLL registration.

    To make matters worse, my setup.exe fails to register the OCX even when the DLLRegisterServer box is checked. For the short term I ask my clients to go ahead and manually register the OCX with RegSvr32.exe after it has been installed. Is there any other way "force" my setup program to register the OCX?

    Note: I have ensured that all of the OCX dependencies have been included in the setup file list.

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    Re: ActiveX Self-registration for OCXs

    What version of Setup Factory 5.0 are you using?
    Which OCX file are you having the problem with? Does this problem occur with all OCX's or just this one?
    What you could do is use an EXECUTE COMMAND that will run regsvr32.exe after you have installed your OCX onto the users system. This will force the registration of the OCX.
    Your EXECUTE COMMAND will look something like this:

    Command: Execute Program
    Target: regsvr32.exe
    Command line arguments: "%AppDir%\MyOCX.OCX"
    Working directory: %AppDir%
    Mode: Minimized
    Wait for program to end...: Checked
    Advanced Tab -> After Installing selected

    Try this out and see if it solves the problem.

    I'm not sure why Setup Factory is telling you that the OCX does not support self-registration at certain times, and tells you that it does at other. Perhaps you could send me the OCX so that I could test it on my system?

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      Re: ActiveX Self-registration for OCXs

      I did use EXECUTE COMMAND and it worked great. This was a successful work around solution.

      Getting back to the problem - it only occurs with the OCX and dll files from a third party vendor. All other OCXs and DLLs, which are all Microsoft (COMCTL32.OCX, MFC42.DLL, etc.), had absolutely no problems.

      I can send you these problem files if you want. Let me know and I will email them to you.

      FYI: I'm using Version