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  • Adobe Acrobat Reader


    I'm a new user of SF. I need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 if it isn't already
    on the user's disk. The manual is very light on details. Could someone please give me more detailed instructions for finding out if it has already been installed, and if it hasn't, the steps to install it. Thanks

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    Re: Adobe Acrobat Reader

    the easy way of doing this is through checking the registry, every software has a registry key associated with it. So in SF, go to settings->variables ->registry variables. There you check for the subkey SOFTWARE\Adobe\Acrobat\4.0 in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE main key, there is an option to make the variable boolean TRUE or FALSE , if the key is present the variable declared will be TRUE.

    Now you know whether the Acrobat reader is present or now, depending on the value of the variable I.e TRUE or FALSE, now go to shell operations->execute tab, here we can trigger any exe, go to execute program tag here and give the path of the executable exe of acrobat reader, now in the conditions tag give the condition ( the condition is execute this exe only if the variable set for acrobat reader is FALSE). That's it ..UR Done ..Enjoy


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      Re: Adobe Acrobat Reader

      Thanks, I'll try it.