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  • install pkg for clients

    I'm still battling with my setup package.

    I have a secondary package within a main package. Package 1 installs a document on a server, as well as copying a "wssetup.exe" file (package 2--workstation setup), which the admin person will use to install Acrobat Reader on the clients. After the package installs reader, it will copy some help files on how to search the document and create some shortcuts. What I need to do--if possible--is to have an additional screen which asks the admin person if they'd like to create a shortcut to the document [which is on the server]. This will need a browse button, of course. Then, during an uninstall, that shortcut should be removed along with all the other shortcuts.

    Well, is this possible? I hope, I hope.

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    Re: install pkg for clients

    Never mind. I did it!I added a Single Edit screen after the Shortcuts Folder screen and gave it a title "Create Shortcut to ProductName". The screen text directs the admin person to enter the mapped drive letter and directory, which I store in a NetDrv variable. Then in System Editors > Shortcuts, I select "Create Shortcut" and set it to point to %NetDrv%\MyFile. I can grab the %SCFolderPath% value because it was grabbed in the previous screen.
    This is fun! I really like this program--it makes me look like a hero.


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      Re: install pkg for clients

      I'm glad that you got this to work, even though I didn't get a chance to respond.

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