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setup won't install to chosen drive

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  • setup won't install to chosen drive

    I have followed instructions to allow users to choose installing to another directory, but it still installs to C:|Program Files\

    I have set the default path to E:\xxx in both GENERAL DESIGN and in SCREEN MANAGER>Install Folder in the Install Folder Object Default property. I've left ENABLED checked. I tried to do an install changing the default drive letter to "O:" with no success. It didn't even install to the default drive--it installed to C:\Program Files

    Any ideas?

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    Re: setup won't install to chosen drive


    I'm not really sure what the problem here is, it sounds like something is configured improperly, as I am positive that this is possible in Setup Factory.

    What have you set the destination of your files to? Is it the variable %AppDir%? What variable have you associated your Install Folder screen to?

    Perhaps you could e-mail me your SF5 project file so that I can look at exactly what you are doing and hopefully see what the problem is.

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      Re: setup won't install to chosen drive

      I think I just found out the answer to my question. In SCREEN MANAGER, on the Install Folder screen, the variable line had been blank. I made the variable %AppDir%. I also filled in the Sticky Folder name. Seems to be working ok now.