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Newbie : Diff OS install

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  • Newbie : Diff OS install

    Hello, I just discovered this great program ! Great !
    But here's my question. My setup has to install some files on different OS.
    Win9x and WinNT/W2K. The file should be installed in the system dir. But this is different for the OS.
    On win9x it should be %windir%\system and on WinNT/Win2K it should be %windir%\system32.
    How can I let my setup determine which OS it is, and copy file to the correct inst.path ?

    Thanks for your help !

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    Re: Newbie : Diff OS install


    Setup Factory can determine which OS the users is running in a variety of ways. The easiest is to use the conditions tab that each file has, there you will be able to select which OS the useR must have in order for the selected file to be installed.

    There are also these built-in variables:
    These variables have a value of "True" or "False" depending on whether the install is running on the respective operating system.

    But in this case you do not have to use either of these methods you will simply have to use the built-in variable %SysDir% as the destination for your files.

    The user’s Windows System directory.
    C:\Windows\System on WIN 9X machines
    C:\WINNT\System32 on WIN NT machine

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      Re: Newbie : Diff OS install

      Mark, thx for your fast reply !
      Why make it difficult, if Setup Factory does it the easy way
      Thanks again...