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Prompt for Disk ?!?

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  • Prompt for Disk ?!?

    I'm making a cd based setup where some files will stay on the cd and the rest will be on the users hard drive.
    Well i purposedly removed the %product% cd and clicked on a .exe shortcut (refering to the program cd) either on the desktop or in the start menu to see what kind of error i would get. It gave me a general windows type error, reading like "bad path...invalid link.." (something like that), but it does check the cd-rom drive so i know the shortcut is working properly.
    Well i want the computer to prompt for the proper disk by asking you for the %product% cd-rom, if it does'nt locate the correct disk.

    Error display example: "Place your %productname% disk in your cd-rom drive" when your cd is not located in your drive.

    Any ideas? Is it possible?

    P.S. I tried messing around with the shell - "execute" commands but that was for running programs either before, after, etc... That doesn't seem to be what im looking for.

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    Re: Prompt for Disk ?!?


    I'm not really sure how, or if it is possible, to accomplish something like this. I am, however, pretty sure that there is no way to achieve this functionality using Setup Factory.

    Perhaps some of the other users will have an alternate method, or some more information, that you can use.

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      Re: Prompt for Disk ?!?

      I think thats something you would have to accomplish in your programming code. When the user selects an option your program would have to check for the relevant file, and if its not there specify a custom message to display.


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        Re: Prompt for Disk ?!?

        I guess I'm a bit confused. Does the error occur during the setup process (Like in a multiple CD or mixed setup-file/CD-files installation) ...

        ... or, after setup is complete, when they double-click on a shortcut to a CDROM based file you want an appropriate error msg generated ("Please load xxxx CDROM").