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  • Boolean Condition

    I wanted to present two different Install Folder Screens. One for a New Installation and one for an upgrade.

    I tried to add a Boolean Condition that tested to see if %LastAppDir% is blank. This is stored in the Registry.

    for the New installation I put:

    %LastAppDir% =

    and left the value part blank. Since the registry would not be loaded for a new installation yet. It did not work.

    On the Upgrade I put,

    %LastAppDir% <>

    Where again the value was blank. I could not find any examples to see if I needed more in the Value to get it to work correctly.

    I checked for the upgrade first and since it will assign a %LastAppDir% the New install folder screen should not execute.

    Hope someone can help.

    BTW - are there any sample projects or tutorials with samples. My installation was downloaded and did not have any sample .sf5 files to review.


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    Re: Boolean Condition

    The best way which I feel is checking for a particular registry key rathe than the variable in the key...there is an option for boolean depending upon the key present or not in the registry, I have implemented it works fine,,basically in settings ->variables->registry variables there is an option called set variable to true if sub key exists just check tha box..U can diaplay ur upgrade screen depending upon that.



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      Re: Boolean Condition

      Another solution might be to give the variable a non-blank default value (like "UNKNOWN" or "NOT STORED" or something) and check for that default value instead.
      --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]