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Setup Factory / NT4 Terminal Services/Citrix

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  • Setup Factory / NT4 Terminal Services/Citrix

    Can you help with the following.

    A Visual Basic 6 Application using the latest version of Setup Factory.

    After installation, an Error 429, Cannot load active object occurs whilst trying to run the app.

    This works fine on Other platforms such as Windows 2000

    It appears that the DLL's are not being registered, and/or DLL's that OCX's are dependent on are not loaded.

    Can you provide us with any help on this matter.

    Is there something special that we have to do with Setup Factory in this environment.


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    Re: Setup Factory / NT4 Terminal Services/Citrix


    Does your application fail on all NT 4 systems? Or is this a system specific error? Does your application work after the system is rebooted? What system did you design your installation on?

    Chances are the problems stems from one of two things:

    1) Not all DLL's or OCX's are being registered, or Windows NT 4 needs more DLL's or OCX's then Windows 2000.

    2) The wrong versions are being registered. You might be trying to use Windows 2000 DLL's or OCX's on a Windows NT 4 machine, and perhaps they are simply not compatible.

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      Re: Setup Factory / NT4 Terminal Services/Citrix

      Thankyou very much for your fast response and useful advice.

      -The application, and Setup were developed on Windows 2000

      - I have tried installing on one NT4 Server which is running Terminal Services and Citrix at present which failed. We are hoping to build a suitable machine very soon.

      I have four more specific questions that you may be able to help with.

      - Do you think that if VB and Setup factory are loaded onto the NT4 TS platform, that this will allow Setup Factory to distribute all, and the correct versions of DLL/OCX's required?

      - Do you know any way of knowing which OS DLL's might be causing the problem.

      - In addition to the Win 2000/NT4 issues, do you know of any issues related to Terminal Services.

      - Do you know of any other resource that may help us with these problems.

      Many Thanks.....Roy Sibley

      PS: If it would be easier perhaps we could telephone you. If so, please let us know your phone number.


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        Re: Setup Factory / NT4 Terminal Services/Citrix


        If you do load VB6 and Setup Factory onto a Windows NT 4.0 machine, then Setup Factory should get all of the correct DLLs and OCXs. These would be the correct system files for Windows NT 4.0, but they may not be the correct system files for other operating systems.

        What you could do is look at the installation log and see if any of your DLLs or OCXs are not being registered properly, or not being installed. This might help you figure out what the problem is. You can create an installation log under SETTINGS -> GENERAL DESIGN.

        This is not a Windows NT 4.0/Windows 2000 issue, it is an issue regarding Visual Basic 6.0, your installation is not failing, the problem is that the incorrect files are being installed.

        For more information you might try visiting:

        Hopefully this information will help you to solve your problems.


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