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OS confusion??

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  • OS confusion??

    I am creating a package using SUF evaluation version under Windows ME.
    I select what operating systems i wish the program to be compatable with in the General Design\System requirements screen, of which windows XP is not one of them.
    When the package is compiled and run, i receive the error message "Your system does not meet the following minimum requirements : Incompatable with Windows XP". It appears my Windows ME thinks its something its not!! The setup program only continues as i have set the requirements to Warn user and continue.

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    Re: OS confusion??

    Yes, we are aware of this problem. The problem only occurs with the use of the Windows ME and Windows XP conditions on the System Requirements screen. This will be addressed in a future release. For now, do not use these two conditions. However the variables %IsWinME% and %IsWinXP% do function correctly so you could create a text screen to substitute for this message and use these two variables as conditions.


    Darryl Hnatiuk
    Indigo Rose Corporation