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  • True Update

    Does this really work?

    Every time the window pops up on my screen. It tells me to click Next or Close No buttons are displayed, and I can't resize the box.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: True Update


    Is your system running Large Fonts? If it is, set your system to Small Fonts and then check for an update.

    This should solve your problems.

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      Re: True Update

      Though I understand the solution you suggested It is not viable for me.

      I am legally blind and have to have large fonts enabled on a 20 inch moniter in order to read the screen without special equipment.

      Thanks anyway..


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        Re: True Update


        I think the large fonts problem was fixed in the most recent update. If not, it should be fixed in a future update.

        I know our developers have fixed the large fonts bug in the TrueUpdate client, but I'm not sure if the Setup Factory update installs the new (fixed) client yet. We're close to beta with SF 6.0 and the programmers have been pretty busy.

        In any case, you might want to download the latest Setup Factory update manually from our web site. If it includes the new TrueUpdate client file, the large fonts problem will cease to exist.

        If the update doesn't fix the large fonts problem, let me know and I'll see if I can coax the programmers into preparing an update for you.

        In the mean time, you can disable the automatic checking on the Update tab of the Preferences dialog. To access the Preferences dialog, select Edit | Preferences from the Setup Factory program menu. Switch to the Updates tab, and then clear the "Automatically check for new versions of Setup Factory" check box.

        (You can always check for updates manually by selecting Help | Check for Update in the Setup Factory program menu.)

        BTW - how do you find the rest of the program to use? Are there any other areas that could be improved upon for users with impaired vision?

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          Re: True Update

          I hope I made some of my suggestions clear in the suggest new features area, but as for the program and being adaptive for users with disabilities. There are two things that come to mind.

          1 Even on the yellow pop-ups are not accurate or don't exist for vital areas of the program. Such as the icons on the left. That would be very helpful for a new user and a visually impaired user plus some of the pop-ups only say setup factory 5.0.

          2 I'm trying to find a consistancy throughout the program but there isn't. A good example is some places you can browse for files, some places you can't.

          I think SUF 5.0 is a great program.