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CD-ROM Tab is Blank, But I Have Files

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  • CD-ROM Tab is Blank, But I Have Files

    I opened an existing SF .sf5 file in SF5, and the CD-ROM tab is empty, except for a vertical scroll bar. (My Archive tab is supposed to be empty, and it is.)

    The bottom of the screen shows:
    Files: 599 Bytes: 177,944,610

    If I right-click, Add Files, then it changes to Files: 600 etc., but still no files appear on the CD-ROM tab.

    I re-installed SF5. Same problem.



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    Re: CD-ROM Tab is Blank, But I Have Files


    What is happening here is that your column widths have been set to zero. In your PROJECT WINDOW (the large white area where the files usually are) what you should see are 9 different columns: NAME, SOURCE, DESTINATION, PACKAGE, SHORTCUT, SIZE, DATE, PROD VER, and FILE VER. If you do not see these then your column size has been set to zero. Simply move your mouse to the top left corner of the PROJECT WINDOW, on the gray bar, there your cursor should become two parallel vertical bars, with an arrow pointing out of each of them. Now click and drag your mouse to the right. The FILE VER column should now become visible; simply repeat this process for the next eight columns and your problem should be solved.

    Note: you can also select the main column heading and hit CTRL +, make sure that you use the + from the keypad.

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      Re: CD-ROM Tab is Blank, But I Have Files

      Thanks Mark. That worked beautifully.