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More than one condition expression for one file.

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  • More than one condition expression for one file.

    Hi All!

    What is the situation when I want to install a file for different setup types, what types are selected from a list box. So I want to use copy also when option1 or option2 or option3 selected. This is what I have in the value window:
    %Variable% = Option1
    %Variable% = Option2
    %Variable% = Option3

    As I see it is only watching the 1st expression.

    How to put OR between them?

    If I make an install like this the setup simply skips the files with more than one expression in the condition value window.

    Please help if someone knows about this
    Thank you in advance


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    Re: More than one condition expression for one file.


    The reason for this is that the conditions are ANDED together. So in reality it is “when option1 AND option2 AND option3 are selected”. Currently there is no method to put an OR in between your options.

    What you could to do is create three sets of Boolean conditions:

    1) option1 and NOT(option2) and NOT(option3)
    2) NOT(option1) and option2 and NOT(option3)
    3) NOT(option1) and NOT(option2) and option3

    Then add the SAME file three times to your installation (from different directories) and give the first file the first set of conditions, the second the second set, and the third the third set of conditions.

    The real problem with this method is that you have to add the same file to your installation three times.


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      Re: More than one condition expression for one file.

      Another suggestion is to include the file once, and install it to a temporary location.

      Then, use file operations to copy or move the file to the desired location only if the conditions are met.

      Finally, delete the file from the temporary location.

      I've used this method to get around some of the package limitations before (specifically, not being able to have the same file in more than one package).

      Incidentally...handling this kind of stuff is absolutely peanuts in SF6.

      --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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        Re: More than one condition expression for one file.

        1stly Thank you for the answer!

        Yes, the real problem is these files are 91 MB. compressed(12MB) so this would add +24 MB for the setup, what is really problem. Is there a chance to put in more condition expressions between values like OR ?

        Anyway Thanx in advance...