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    File Search is a nice feature, but to slow to use on large capacity disks and network drives. The Priority Search is a must. I needed several paths to search, but as far I can see, only one path can be written to each command line. I "discovered" that it is possible to search for a specific file through several command lines. If the search variable is %EXEdir", this has to be the default value on command line number two and so on. Don't forget to state a character value as default on the first command line (like 'False', 'Not found", 'C:\' , '%Programfiles%' or just a space)! If you enter %EXEdir% or nothing at all, the value may happen to be NUL. Under these circumstances the Setup.exe will stop responding at runtime! (This seems to be an ordinary behavior in Setup Factory - NUL values have to be avoided.) If you want to let the user search for the file manually, only check this option on the last command line.

    But I want more! The File Search should be executable during displaying the firs set of screens (but before installing) And it should be possible to have en OR relationship on the Condition Tab.

    To find previous installed software it is preferable to enter the EXE directory in the Registry. This is a simple task in Setup Factory. Thank you!