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  • font registration

    In my setup factory build file I have included a couple of fonts that I want to regiester as part of my installation. I have verified that they are True Font type files. When running the setup program under Win2000 I am running into an error message that says error registering true type font (gives the true type font name). After clicking OK I have checked my WINNT/Font directory and the fonts seem to be registering.

    I have double checked that file properties and made sure that under the advanced tab that there is a check in the Register As TrueType font. Also, I have checked under the Edit header and Preferences that there is also a check make next too register all True Type .TTF files.

    Is there some other option box that I am not checking or is this just a missleading error message?

    System Configuration:
    Dell Dimension XPS B733
    RAM 256
    SF ver

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    Re: font registration


    When exactly does this error occur?

    You might try running FONTREG.EXE in order to solve this problem.

    Here is a Microsoft Knowledgebase article that might help you with this problem:

    MSI Factory The Next Generation Intelligent Setup Builder


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      Re: font registration

      I think it's meant to be run before registering fonts, to prepare the system for font registration -- so yes, your would include it in your setup.
      --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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        Re: font registration

        This error occurs when I run the setup.exe after building the project. It occurs at the very end when I’m registering a couple OCX's and my BDE.

        When you say try running Fonteg.exe do you mean on the machine that I have SF5 on or do you mean include it in the project and have it run?