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Uninstalling shortcuts

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  • Uninstalling shortcuts

    I'm making a very simple installer that references about three files on a CD-ROM. I have managed to create the installer and shortcuts in the Start Menu and Desktop but they are not removed when uninstallation occurs. I have tried manually referencing them using the Uninstall settings and I have also tried to delete them by deleting their sub-folder inside the Start Menu under the File Operations tab.

    None of these options work. I have tried restarting and the shortcuts are still there.

    Any ideas would be gratefully received.

    I am using the product demo if that helps.



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    Re: Uninstalling shortcuts

    Hi !

    Are you sure that you have permission to delete these shortcuts ? If you are using Windows 2000, it is possible that you have permission to create them (you have "Add permission" on desktop and start menu), but you cannot delete them (you don't have "Modify permission" on desktop and start menu). Since, in most case, the uninstall program has the same permissions than you, it will not delete your shortcuts.



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      Re: Uninstalling shortcuts

      Also make sure that these shortcuts are not remnants of a previous installation. Physically go and delete these shortcuts, then try your installation again and see if they are still being left behind.


      Darryl Hnatiuk
      Indigo Rose Corporation


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        Re: Uninstalling shortcuts

        I am testing on Windows ME, so the permissions aspect of Windows 2000 should not be a problem. I have also tried manually deleting the shortcuts and then attemping installation and uninstallation again - this doesn't work either. Good thoughts though. Thanks .

        Can I confirm that if my shortcuts are created by the installation they are automatically uninstalled without changing any of the default settings in Setup Factory? Thats how I understood it by reading the help files.


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          Re: Uninstalling shortcuts

          Your shortcuts that were created from the Shortcut tab of the File Properties screen will automatically be removed by the uninstall. Shortcuts created through the System Editors will NOT be automatically removed. You will have to create uninstall SC commands to remove them.

          - Brett


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            Re: Uninstalling shortcuts

            Thanks Brett. Thats done the trick. I was sure I'd tested that! Problem solved.