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24-bit bitmaps in dialogs?

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  • 24-bit bitmaps in dialogs?

    Are 24-bit bitmaps supported in the dialog panels?

    I ask because when I place my own in there, I get serious resource leaks at runtime (SF5.0.1.5, Win98SE, 4% GDI & System every 5 or 6 secs!).

    If I can close the installer before the machine locks up, all the resources are returned, indicating that it was the installer that was leaking.

    If this is a known bug, is it fixed in SF6?

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    Re: 24-bit bitmaps in dialogs?


    Images in Setup Factory 5.0 are converted at build time to either 16 bit or 256 bit BMP files, depending on what is selected under EDIT -> PREFERENCES.

    This being true, Setup Factory should not be causing any memory leaks. What happens if you use 256 bitmaps? Does the same problem occur? Are system resources used up in a similar manner? Have you tried this on any other systems does a similar problem occur?

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      Re: 24-bit bitmaps in dialogs?

      Thanks for the reply, Mark.

      I did try with 256 colour bitmaps in place of the 24-bit ones. They were fine on all occasions.

      On further testing, the resource leak only happens sometimes. It seems to be related to how long you stay on one dialog before moving onto the next. I haven't managed to get it reliably reproducable yet but it happens often enough to be a serious concern.

      I will test some more and report back...