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Copy file what is not inside the setup.exe

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  • Copy file what is not inside the setup.exe

    Hi All!

    The question is how can I copy a file what is not inside the output file.It is a quite huge file, and if I do it with file operations(It have to be done at the end of the installaton, because first I have to ask the path of it), I can't make a progress indicator 4 it,only the updating system sign is visible while it is copied.

    Please answer if you have any ideas...
    Thx in advance

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    Re: Copy file what is not inside the setup.exe


    I depends what version of Setup Factory you have. If you have version 5.0 then go to: SETTINGS -> SHELL OPERATIONS -> FILE OPERATION TAB and create a new File Operation command. Now simply set your Commands Operation to "Copy", fill in the Source and Destination fields, and you’re done.

    In Setup Factory 6.0 simply create a COPY FILES action (File Operations -> Copy File(s) in the Add Action menu) and fill in the required information.

    You also might look at including your file as a Primer file. DESIGN -> GENERAL DESIGN -> PRIMER FILES TAB. For more information on Primer Files please see the Help file.

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      Re: Copy file what is not inside the setup.exe

      Thx 4 the answer,but I have a couple of questions.

      SUF 5.0
      This file I want to copy from the source is quite big , so If Iam using file operations -> copy, and executing it at the and the end user will only see the "updating system" msg, and wait for the end of copying, and he doesn't see what is he waiting for.

      1., How to make to copy this file with some progress indicator,without including it to the package.

      2.,(Maybe I have to add into the "updating system" message the "The big file is being copied.")

      Awaiting your ideas

      Thx in advance...


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        Re: Copy file what is not inside the setup.exe

        You should use Setup Factory 6.0. It does file copies with progress like you are looking for. The other option with SUF50 is to put the file on the CD-ROM tab (as opposed to the Archive tab). Files on the CD-ROM tab are simply copies uncompressed from your CD.

        - Brett