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  • SUF 6.0 Trial

    i've just downloaded the SUF 6.0 trial, i had the SUF 5 trial before to test your tool. I was very pleased to see that at SUF 5 i can use such screens like "Variables" to find files and if i found them simply set the variable to TRUE. Now i'm tying out SUF 6 and i asked myself, where are these screens gone? did you removed them? do i now have to do all this with the script? when i have to do so i could use install shield too.
    can i aktivate these old, very good screens or do i am only to blind to see them.

    i loved the old desing but now... maybe not every time the new version is better

    i hope you can help me with my Problem



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    Re: SUF 6.0 Trial

    This can now be done by actions. The action concept is IHMO much more powerful than the SUF5 concept.

    Check the manual


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      Re: SUF 6.0 Trial


      You could do this with a "Search For File" action.

      If you want to add this action go to: DESIGN -> ACTIONS and select a timing tab, you will probably want to select the Startup Tab.

      Then add a "Search For File" action by pressing the "Add Action" button and browsing to: File Information -> Search For File. This will bring up the "Search For File" action properties.

      The "Search For File" action will set your variable to: "a semi-colon delimited list of paths where the file was found. For example, "C:\Program Files\Yourfile.exe;C:\Backup\Yourfile.exe".

      So in your case set up the action like this:

      Store result in variable: %SearchResult%
      Default value: FALSE
      Search For File: MyFile.txt

      No instead of checking if your variable is equal to TRUE (like in Setup Factory 5.0) simply check if your variable does not equal FALSE.

      (I.E. “%SearchResult%” <> FALSE)

      I hope that this helps, if you need more information please post.

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