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SF 6 Help Needed

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  • SF 6 Help Needed

    I'm new to using Setup Factory and hoping one or two of you experts could help. I'm using the new SF 6.0 and have two problems when I test the installation.

    1) When the installation program starts to copy files I get a message "A decompression error has been deteted #5". The file in question is DA0360.DLL. This happens whether or not I select or deselect the 'compress file' option under the 'file properties' - 'advanced tab'.

    2) The second problem happens after I uninstall my application. Visual Basic 6 will not start - MSSVBV60.DLL has been removed. To get things working again I have to copy the file back and register it. I have tried the 'never remove' option under the 'file properties' - 'advanced tab'. But that doesnt work either.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    Re: SF 6 Help Needed

    There is a bug open with DAO which will be fixed in the next release. Please check: