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SUF6: screen conditions

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  • SUF6: screen conditions

    I have two screens, one with the condition %LogErrorFound% = "NOT FOUND" and the other with the condition
    %LogErrorFound% <> "NOT FOUND". %LogErrorFound% is a custom variable set by a previous action. Neither screen appears when the setup runs. How can the variable be neither equal nor unequal to "NOT FOUND"?

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    Re: SUF6: screen conditions


    What is %LogErrorFound% set to by the time it reaches the screen? Could %LogErrorFound% contain a space? If so try putting quotes around %LogErrorFound% like so:

    "%LogErrorFound%" <> “NOT FOUND”

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      Re: SUF6: screen conditions

      It looks like this will be changing in the next release; we're testing a new version internally today with some changes to the expression parser. It now expands variables after the tokenizing variables will no longer need to be quoted, even if they contain spaces.

      The only downside is that it will no longer be possible to evaluate an expression that is contained in a variable, as mentioned in the tip on page 228 of the User's Guide. However, I doubt that ability will be missed by anyone and it will prevent variables containing innocent strings like "Ernie + Bert" from having their contents interpreted as expressions instead of as single entities. (Previously, setting %a% to "Ernie + Bert" and then doing %a% + " say hi!" in an expression would end up resolving to "ErnieBert say hi!")

      One other change to the expression parser is that internal quotes and backslashes will need to be escaped when used in literal strings inside an expression. (This won't affect strings used anywhere else, e.g. strings in variables don't need to be escaped -- even when the variables are used in an expression.)

      For example, if %MyPath% is set to "C:\My Folder", and you wanted to get the path to the "My Files\New Files" sub-folder, you could use the following expression to build the path:

      %MyPath% + "\\MyFiles\\New Files"

      ...which would end up as C:\My Folder\My Files\New Files

      Note that this is only in the strings that you type directly into expressions -- "literal" strings in programming terms, and only in the new version of SF6 that will be released in the next few days...

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