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Installation Folder Screen

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  • Installation Folder Screen

    Within this screen, you can declare the 'Space Requirement Text'

    I am assuming that it 'picks' up the space required from the compilation of the archive tab in the project.

    I have some files (nearly 50Mb) which, in order to keep the filesize of the created setup.exe down, I simply hold as a zip file on the installation cd, and then use Copy, Unzip etc. commands to pass them over into the %AppDir% location.

    Because of this, the value being shown for the 'Space Required on Drive' is out by that amount. Is there any way that I can manually enter in the space required.


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    Re: Installation Folder Screen

    No, there is no way to manually adjust that number. How about putting the Zip file on the CD-ROM tab in Setup Factory? Then it will be copied to the user's hard drive for you AND included in the disk space calculation. This would be a bit closer, anyhow.

    - Brett


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      Re: Installation Folder Screen

      Blimey what a quick reply Brett..Thanks

      I did try that, but sort of ran into trouble when I was testing the build out.
      I was assuming that I needed to have an actual CD with the zip contents on.

      Guess I had better read up the manuals - sorry


      Update: Oops sorry Brett. I was using the variable %SrcDrv% instead of %SrcDir% - hence when I was testing it from my development folder on my hard drive, it was actually looking at the root!
      Silly me

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        Re: Installation Folder Screen

        Hi Chris,

        You should be able to test this properly on your hard drive (without burning a CD-ROM) but you just have to be careful about your ZIP files “Runtime source”. (I.E. just make sure that your setup can find the ZIP file)

        Chances are the Runtime Source will be something like: "%SrcDrv%\MyZip.Zip", if that's the case you can test by putting your ZIP file on the Root of the Drive you are running your setup from. This will probably mean putting it here: "C:\MyZip.Zip"

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          Re: Installation Folder Screen

          Thanks Mark.
          I feel such a plonker !!!