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Beta Testing failed

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  • Beta Testing failed

    CD ROM cannot read setup.exe created in Setup Factory. I created a file called setup.exe using SetupFactory, then wrote it to a CD using my HP internal CD Writer Plus.
    I beta tested the installation on some PCs. One CD ROM reader couldn't read the setup.exe file properly, kept trying, couldn't show the proper icon and couldn't run it at all. What should I look at to find the problem?

    Hank Ensing
    New Zealand

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    Re: Beta Testing failed

    The problem lies with your burning software, your CD writer or a combination of both. Burning a CD is an extremely system intensive task that is prone to error. The quality of your CD-R media is another factor. There are many cheap blanks out there that are of very poor quality. We have very good success using Mitsui (one of the worlds largest and best manufacturers). Your mileage may vary.


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      Re: Beta Testing failed

      I have found that it also depends on what speed setting it was burned on.
      I have had a couple clients ask me why the file wasn't on their CDs and when the brought them in I put it in one of the CD-ROMs we have here and all seemed fine. So I rewote it at 4x instead of 8x and All the clients problems went away.

      Hope this helps


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        Re: Beta Testing failed

        This has been my experience also. You have to be careful about speed. I am still burning stuff at 2x since I have virtually 100% success rate that way.

        I generally close all programs, including Outlook Express, and if I'm having problems [which is virtually never when I'm burning at 2x], I will reboot the system before trying again.