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Conditional shortcuts?

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  • Conditional shortcuts?

    I managed to add 3 shortcuts to the Start-Programs list in the correct folder. Note that it is not easy to figure this out from your help as you have "hidden" the shortcuts under the "system editor".

    In any case, I also set up packages and install options for them, but the 3 shortcuts are being created even if the install option packages do not include the targeted program for the shortcut.

    Is there a way to conditionally add shortcuts? If not, I think I'll just have one install option and package. Sue

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    Re: Conditional shortcuts?

    If you want to create shortcuts based on Packages, you should use the Shortcut Icons tab on the System Editors screen to do so. Don't have them created through the Shortcut tab of the File Properties screen.

    If you still have troubles, please email a detailed description as well as your .sf5 file to [email protected].


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      Re: Conditional shortcuts?

      I created the shortcuts with the Sys Editors screen -- I did not know of any other way to do it. I thought that if the program being referenced was not installed, it would not put up the shortcut either, but I got all three regardless of the package chosen.

      I'll send the file to support later today.

      Sue Sloan

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        Re: Conditional shortcuts?

        Sorry for the confusion Sue. There are two ways to create shortcut icons.

        1. The first way is through the File Properties screen on the Shortcut tab. If the file is assigned to a package and that package is chosen for installation then the shortcut icon will be created. This is the easiest way to do it.

        2. The second way is using the Shortcut Icons Editor found under "System Editors". Once you have added the shortcut command and know that it works properly, you can set the condition from the "Conditions" tab. Simply change the Package condition from None to whatever package you desire to associate the command with.

        Hope this clears things up for you!