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Relative paths for source files

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  • Relative paths for source files

    Does anyone know how to use relative paths for the source files being packaged into the installer exe? Also, I'd like to use relative paths for the UI panel bitmaps. SF seems to only support absolute path names for the files.

    This is quite an important feature since the drive letter and base path of my project different when working from machine to machine (i.e. Desktop vs. Laptop, etc..).

    I'm sure I'm overlooking something, any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Relative paths for source files

    There is no way to set a relative path for source files. However, if you move to a different machine you can select all of th files that have a common source directory, select Edit | File Properties from the menu and then change the source path.

    As far as the Screen Manager images go, if you put your images in the C:\Program Files\Setup Factory 5.0\Images (or wherever you have Setup Factory installed) directory you can just put the filename in the screen's Bitmap file property and it will find it there.