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Evaluation of custom variables

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  • Evaluation of custom variables

    Does anyone know if it's possible to have custom variables evaluated at uninstall time?

    I have a number of custom registry variables that get evaluated at installation time and work great. However, during uninstall time they are not re-evaluated, making them unusable because the content is stale and old.

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    Re: Evaluation of custom variables

    You are correct in that the variables are not re-evaluated at uninstall. The variables you used during the install are available but they have the same value that they did at the end of the installation process.


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      Re: Evaluation of custom variables


      An option to evaluate or re-evaluate custom variables during uninstall on a per variable basis would be an extremely powerful enhancement.

      Reason for enhancement request:
      In attempt to 'play nice' with registry keys and directory structures, I am installing a number of our company products as sub-products under one company base key and base directory. It would be great to have the last sub-product uninstalled clean up the base key and base product directory structure. You know, first guy in sets up the structure, last guy out cleans up. Having variables evaluated at uninstall time would be a huge help in accomplishing this task.

      If you could add this request to your list of improvements being considered, I would be grateful.