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Implementing Password Security

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  • Implementing Password Security

    Can anyone provide a short description on how to password protect a single package in an installation with multiple packages, by either skipping the password and not installing that particular package, or entering the password and adding the single package along with the other non-protected packages. If the password is wrong or skipped, I want to simply continue without installing the protected package instead of aborting the entire installation.

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    Re: Implementing Password Security

    The best way to do this is:

    1. On the Screen Manager screen, add a Single Edit screen to the screen list
    2. Click on the Single Edit screen
    3. On the Properties grid go to the Edit1 object and enter the text "%SerialNum%" (no quotes) as the Variable field
    6. Click OK to close the Screen Manager
    7. Go to the file(s) that should be installed on a correct password and choose their File Properties
    8. Go to the Conditions tab and enter a new Advanced conditon that states %SerialNum% Equal to <>

    A bit of a hack but this should do the trick. Of course using this method you can only have one valid password per setup that you build. The problem with using the Serial Number screen is that if they don't get the serial number right the install aborts.