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MDAC Disk Two error

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  • MDAC Disk Two error

    I'm posting mainly just to see if anyone else has run into this now or does in the future they'll see mine here...

    We're distributing an app that requires MDAC 2.5 which we include in the setup. On every computer and OS we've tested, the setup runs fine. However on several client's systems they get prompted for "disk two" during the MDAC setup. Our entire distribution is one file downloaded from the internet and is never split into disks. If they run the MDAC setup seperately, they have no problems. I've checked out MSDN and can't find anything on the issue. And I have not seen personally and simply cannot reproduce the error no matter what I try. It seems to happen on Windows 98 possibly second edition, but I don't have all the info on the client systems that were affected.

    If anybody else has this happen or better yet knows why please post here and email me if you like. Thank you!

    Adam Ellsworth
    [email protected]

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    Re: MDAC Disk Two error

    I have the same problem under windows me!
    Have you found a solution yet?


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      Re: MDAC Disk Two error

      Setup Factory will only ask for a "disk 2" if all the required information cannot be found in the current installation.
      This "error" is usually caused when some information is lost. The can happen when the user downloads the installation from the WEB or when the installation is transferred to a CD-ROM.
      Try getting the user another installation and see if that solves the problem.

      MSI Factory The Next Generation Intelligent Setup Builder


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        Re: MDAC Disk Two error

        Well, my best guess is that it appeared to be an issue with the browser. If conditions are right (things like user clicked download twice), IE will give the filename a unique temporary name. When the file is run, it may expect a different name than what the collection is named, so it can't find the files and asks for "disk 2".

        I'm not positive on my details. We don't have the problem anymore, but we're relying mostly on CD distrib now. It's possible I changed the packaging, but I don't recall.

        This really could be an issue with Setup Factory, that it perhaps doesn't deal with being renamed quite right. It's a rare case to deal with but evidently a possible scenario.


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          Re: MDAC Disk Two error

          Yeah, *now* the topic comes alive!

          Ditto what Mark said. Thanks, all. Good luck, too.