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HOWTO: Localize the Launcher Window

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  • HOWTO: Localize the Launcher Window

    HOWTO: Localize the Launcher Window

    HOWTO: Localize the Launcher Window

    Document ID: IR01003
    The information in this article applies to:
    • Setup Factory 5.0


    This article describes how to localize the launcher window that appears when you first run a Setup Factory 5.0 created setup.


    What is the Launcher Window?The Launcher Window is the window that briefly appears when you run a setup created with Setup Factory 5.0.

    In versions of Setup Factory prior to v5.0.1.0 (you can find out what version you have from Help | About), this text was always in English as depicted in the image above. Now in v5.0.1.0 or greater you can translate the Title Bar and Window Message text into different languages.

    The Launcher Configuration FileThis localization is done through a configuration file. The configuration file must be in the same directory as the setup and have the same filename as the setup with the .ini extension. So, for example, if your setup is called Setup.exe, the configuration file would have to be called Setup.ini and be located in the same directory.

    Configuration File FormatThe configuration file conforms to standard INI file conventions. It is comprised of standard ASCII text and can be edited with any text editor such as Notepad. It is structured as follows:

    1=Arabic translation
    2=Bulgarian translation

    70=Nepali translation

    0=Initializing Setup…
    1=Arabic translation
    2=Bulgarian translation

    70=Nepali translation

    The [TitleBar] section is used to specify the message that should appear as the title bar text. The [Message] section is used to specify the window message text. Both sections supports keys from 0 to 70, one for each supported language by Windows (see "Language Codes" below for specifics). You do not need to specify all 71 keys, just include the ones that you want to support. The 0 language code is used to specify the default message that will appear if a key for the system's specific language is not found. For example, if you define messages for languages 0 (default), 7 (German) and 10 (Spanish) and the user's system is French (12) the default (0) message will be used.

    If you do not include this configuration file with your setup or it is incorrectly written, the English defaults "Setup" and "Initializing Setup" will be used.

    Language Codes
    Here are the language codes that can be used in the configuration file:

    0-Default 18-Korean 36-Slovenian 54-Tatar
    1-Arabic 19-Dutch 37-Estonian 55-Bengali
    2-Bulgarian 20-Norwegian 38-Latvian 56-Punjabi
    3-Catalan 21-Polish 39-Lithuanian 57-Gujarati
    4-Chinese 22-Portuguese 40-Farsi 58-Oriya
    5-Czech 23-Romanian 41-Vietnamese 59-Tamil
    6-Danish 24-Russian 42-Armenian 60-Telugu
    7-German 25-Croatian 43-Azeri 61-Kannada
    8-Greek 26-Serbian 44-Basque 62-Malayalam
    9-English 27-Slovak 45-Macedonian 63-Assamese
    10-Spanish 28-Albanian 46-Afrikaans 64-Marathi
    11-Finnish 29-Swedish 47-Georgian 65-Sanskrit
    12-French 30-Thai 48-Faeroese 66-Konkani
    13-Hebrew 31-Turkish 49-Hindi 67-Manipuri
    14-Hungarian 32-Urdu 50-Malay 68-Sindhi
    15-Icelandic 33-Indonesian 51-Kazak 69-Kashmiri
    16-Italian 34-Ukrainian 52-Swahili 70-Nepali
    17-Japanese 35-Belarusian 53-Uzbek

    KEYWORDS: Localize, Launcher, Language Code

    Last reviewed: October 10, 2002
    Copyright © 2002 Indigo Rose Corporation. All rights reserved.