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  • Setup Factory Now Available

    Setup Factory v5.0.0.5 is now available. Please see the release history for details on the latest features and enhancements.

    If you are a registered Setup Factory 5.0 customer, you can request download the update at If you have purchased a premium support policy, you will have already received this latest release automatically. Information on purchasing a premium support policy can be obtained by emailing [email protected].

    Release History

    v5.0.0.5: January 24, 2000
    • Browse button on Select Install Folder screen now opens to the selected folder if it exists.
    • Updated log file to show more details when a file is being installed on reboot.
    • Install on reboot under Win95/98 can now work with long folder names.
      NT already supported this.
    • Project redraw speed considerably improved when updating multiple file properties.
    • Fixed a bug where localizing installation types would not retain the language ID.
    • Fixed a short-circuit problem with File Search variables and CRC checking when duplicate file names exist.
    • Status bar now displays file details when adding, opening or refreshing project files.

    v5.0.0.4: December 16, 1999
    • Added variables %RegOwner% and %RegOrganization%.
    • Correctly restores window size and position if program closed from Task Bar.
    • Individual file compression can now be turned off.
    • Registry variables can now read a key's default value.
    • Fixed a bug where Registry and INI commands would not recognize 9 as an integer.
    • Uninstall now sets the focus to the "Close" button on completion.
    • Select Install screen now allows installation to the root of a drive.
    • The uninstall config file can now be created in any folder, rather than only %AppDir%.
    • All screens with edit fields now have their focus set to the edit field when displayed.

    v5.0.0.3: November 10, 1999
    • Added variables %IsUserNTAdmin% and %DoingReboot%.
    • Added Expiration Date checking to the Security Manager.
    • Fixed a couple of minor bugs.

    v5.0.0.2: November 1, 1999
    • First general public release

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