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IIS / Index Server / ODBC

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  • IIS / Index Server / ODBC

    First off, I'm a new user of Setup Factory (and to installers in general). I'm trying to write a Setup Factory installer for a custom IIS (Windows NT Internet Information Server) web application. I need to do the following:

    1- Copy all web site files, including database files.
    2- Setup ODBC connection (which means I need to distribute MDAC drivers).
    3- Configure IIS.
    4- Configure Index Server.

    Can SF do this? If so, how do I setup the ODBC connection? How do I configure IIS and Index Server?

    Any help or pointers to help would be great.



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    Re: IIS / Index Server / ODBC

    Well I don't know about setting up IIS, but you probably want to start your ODBC investigation in the Runtime info forum. There's adequate info to you started in the right direction there - download some of the pdf help documents. I think they have everything you need.
    Essentially all you need to do is:
    1) have your installer install and run the MDAC,
    2) follow the help instructions for creating you ODBC DNS entries that your program requires.
    That's generally it.

    extra) during testing you may find there are other dlls which need special installation and initialization. Include them in your installer and then use the regsvr32.dll (according to help instructions) to register them.

    Hope this helps.


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      Re: IIS / Index Server / ODBC

      Did you find out how to configure the IIS using SF6, if you did, I will love that you shear that information with me