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    Sorry but there is no way to "include" a directory in Setup Factory 6.0.

    The best thing to do, each time before you build, is find the folder where all of your files are stored and view its properties. This will tell you how many files are in your product. Then simply compare that with the number of files contained within your Setup Factory 6.0 project.

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    Files in BUILD

    My installation needs to install over 2400 individual files. The source folders have only the files in each folder that would be installed. If I add files to a folder, and the folder is selected for my installation, will the new contents of my folder be included automatically in the installation.

    I am worried that a new file will be created and I will overlook specifically adding it to the list of files manually. If it would take everything in a folder, each time, without specifically listing it, that would ease my mind that something might be overlooked as updates become available to the software.