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SF5 error

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  • SF5 error

    I'm trying to make a fairly large (~4 gig) instalaltion spanned over several CDs. When SF5 starts to write out the installer, it breaks up the files just fine, then it aborts with this error:

    'Seek failed on an unnamed file'

    I have since tried creating this installation on three different computers all with the same results.

    I tried making an installer with a competing product and it works fine... but I prefer Setup Factory and I want this to work!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: SF5 error

    Sheesh, nobody is gonna be helpful? Guess I should just get InstallShield and be done with it...


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      Re: SF5 error

      Have you tried emailing [email protected] about this? Bear in mind that although Indigo Rose personnel are active in this forum, it is primarily intended as a place to get support from other users.

      When you email support, it would be especially helpful if you could send your project (.sf5) file as well. (Just the project file itself...please don't email 4 gigs of data. )

      When is the error reported? Have you tried running the setup.exe? Does it work?

      What version of SF5 are you using? Have you tried the eval version of SF6? Does the same problem occur?

      --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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        Re: SF5 error

        Thanks for the response.

        I'm running SF5

        The error is reported when SF5 is writing out the 700 meg file for disc 5. I can run the setup.exe after the build failure, but since the total project should be 6 discs (6 700 meg chunks) it obviously won't finish. After the error, the file for disc 5 is 0 bytes.

        I haven't tried the SF6 eval since I doubt we can afford it. We bought 4 and 5, but this year our budget was hacked to bits so getting 6 is not a top priority, no matter how much I whine that I want it. However, if Indigo Rose wants to help out a beleaugered school district, we'd love to have it for free! :-)

        I guess I hadn't thought to actually e-mail Indogo Rose tech support after the pathetic 'support' I've had from other software vendors. I should be fair and give them a shot to impress me, though. My mistake. I'll just copy and paste this long-winded post and hope for the best.

        Thanks again!