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  • SF Problems

    Several Problems:

    a) Converted SF5 file with 1377 files on CD-ROM tab and system appears to have great difficulty displaying screens. This is using WinXP Pro and 786mb RAM. Screens become half built i.e. buttons missing until mouse slid over where they should be as if GDI is running out of memory. Works better if a lot less files on the CD-ROM tab or perfect if none at all.
    SF5 never had (nor still does not have) this problem. When both apps. are loaded together the SF5 version displays perfectly; SF6 does not.

    b) When building EXE, and during file verification, click ABORT button and after a while system asks "Do you want to abort?". Answer "YES" but does not abort until end of verification which can be several minutes later.

    c) All files on CD-ROM tab have "Disable CRC Check" set to true (i.e. ticked). Why does the system then spend a long time calculating the CRC values for the CD-ROM files when there is no requirement to do so as presumably never used during the actual execution of the EXE.



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    Re: SF Problems

    I have a similar problem with over 1500 files on the Archive tab -- worked fine on SF5. After building, if I shut down SF6, my system become extremely unstable. Icons are missing from my start menu (98SE) and eventually I get an Explorer GPF and have to reboot.

    I reduced the number of files (~500) and that seems to help, but after several builds with the reduced file set, the same problem occurs.


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      Re: SF Problems

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have been able to replicate that behavior here and have fixed the problem. It will be fixed in the next release next week.

      - Brett


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        Re: SF Problems

        Upgraded and using build

        (a) is now fixed.
        (b) still exists.
        (c) still exists.




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          Re: SF Problems


          b) This is something that we will look into fixing for the next version of Setup Factory. The problem is that currently the file verification is "one process", so it will have to be split into "many processes" in order for us to fix this problem.

          c) All files that are located on the CD-ROM will be installed onto your user's system when the installation is run (unless you explicitly tell Setup Factory not to). This is why Setup Factory spends a long time calculating CRC values. If you do not intend on installing a file then do not add it to the CD-ROM Tab.

          MSI Factory The Next Generation Intelligent Setup Builder


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            Re: SF Problems


            OK (noted) on (b)

            As for (c) I DO want the file copied but why do I want the CRC checked for the file on the hard drive when I have disabled the option for CRC checking. When the SETUP is run, it will not check the CRC for the file on the CD so there seems little point in calculating (and spending a long time doing so) the values when they are not being used.

            Thanks John